16% – 18% Low Dose Pure Hemp Oil Gel Tubes


16% – 18% CBD Oil. 1 gram or 3 gram tubes



30day-guarantee_thumbLow Dose CBD Hemp Oil Gel Tube

When you start on this 16% – 18% Low Dose Pure Hemp Oil therapy you feel your quality of life improving.You know you are on the path to wellness. Sold in a 1 gram or 3 gram tubes. This is hemp oil extract that has been decarboxylated (heated). No other ingredients are added. It’s a thick paste-like substance packaged in an oral syringe for sublingual use. This is a dark blue oil that is a lower dose of CBD than other oils. Organic and Pure.

Dosing is easy as under the tongue

This soothing low dose pure hemp oil gel is great because the blood vessels under your tongue absorb it faster than your digestive system does. Gels are a simple way to take a standard serving size and get quick results. The standard serving size is the size of a grain of rice. It is often more effective than taking a tablet or capsule.

No “High” just wellness herbal goodness

ingredients: Decarboxylated hemp oil extract, Co2

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Tube Size

1g Tube, 3g Tube


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