Yummy CBD Gummies (25mg)


Sold in packs of 3 bottles of 10 pieces per bottle. 25mg CBD per piece.


30day-guarantee_thumbTop quality, natural mixed fruit flavor with 25mg CBD Pure Hemp Oil in each little chunk of chewy fruity yummy gummies! A different natural fruit flavor to savor in every piece. Not too sweet or sour. Best of all does not stick to your teeth! This is a quality candy that offers a way to measure the amount of Pure CBD Hemp Oil you want to consume at one time. If one indulges in all 10 pieces they will have 250mg of Organic Pure CBD Hemp Oil while enjoying smooth natural fruit flavors. No High, No side effects and No Hemp taste! This is a dose that is good for pain and stressful events. Best of all you decide how much herbal therapy you need from this bottle of yummy gummies!

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